TESS International is a leading provider of financial solutions for the financial services community. Having over a decade's experience and proven track record in providing innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to financial institutions, TESS International has the technology and experience to deliver quality and competitive financial solutions with customer service as its first priority. With additional emphasis on research, development, design and implementation, TESS International is able to consistently expand and share our knowledge in this competitive and dynamic IT industry.


TESS International is principally involved in the provision of research, design, development, marketing and maintenance of banking and financial solutions. TESS International is the exclusive developer of the CORAL™ Suite of Financial Solutions. The CORAL™ Suite of Financial Solutions is an "all-in-one" financial system with both front-end and back-end processing capabilities built into a single comprehensive engine.

We also provide turnkey development and consultancy service to financial institutions on matters relating to technical, operational and project management. These include, but not limited to, issues on back-end integration, security issues, network engineering and online strategy.


TESS International maintains the slogan "By Bankers, For Bankers" on all its products range. There is no doubt that in the highly competitive area of financial intermediation, the ability to stay one step ahead of your competitor is a necessity. The quality of solutions must be relevant and timely. This is where our experience in IT within the banking environment matters.

At TESS International, dedicated customer requirement is of paramount importance when developing solutions. We believe customers should dictate what they want rather than what is merely available. Our systems and methods team ensures that these solutions will be best of class. Our corporate philosophy also takes into account the integrity of our staffs. The right person for the right job will ensure us to stay ahead of the pack.


TESS International is managed by a group of highly dedicated, motivated and innovative team of individuals who has many years of banking experience. Our world-class team of dedicated banking and systems professionals continuously develops innovative and creative financial solutions for the ever-evolving market.

TESS International's success is very much based on the quality of its professionals, where many of whom are predominantly from the financial circle with years of experience in product implementation and development.


TESS International has the technology and experiences to deliver, without compromising the quality and customer satisfaction. We cherish our clients who require a dynamic and flexible technology partner, sharing the same goals, visions and outcomes.

TESS International has proven time and time again to be the trusted solution partner that can be dependable and to pass on that dependability onto its products and services. Continually improving with professional after sales support, TESS International has the credential to assist in creating great success for the clients and the organizations involved.