Products & Services

TESS International is principally involved in the provision of research, design, development, marketing and maintenance of financial software solutions. TESS International is the exclusive developer of CORAL™ Suite of Solutions, where TESS International's applications are specially developed for the use by financial institutions under its brand name - CORAL™.

Partner Solutions


A state-of-the-art back-office trade finance solution for financial institutions. Developed entirely in the advanced Java J2EE multi-platform environment, allTRA meets the trade finance requirements of banks of all sizes. allTRA enables streamlined processing of a wide array of trade finance transactions including commercial and standby letters of credit (L/Cs), industrial revenue bonds (IRBs), guarantees, collections, funds transfers, reimbursements and clean payments. allTRA also provides enhanced support for all forms of financing such as acceptances, discounted paper and fixed/floating rate loans.


A state-of-the-art Internet trade finance front-end system. Designed for use by the bank's corporate customers and branch offices, allNETT provides complete trade cycle support. The bank's customers can initiate the full range of trade finance transactions including letters of credit, standby L/Cs, guarantees, collections, remittances and stand-alone finance. allNETT also enables a wide range of online inquiries and reports.


A market-leading receivables management solution designed to handle a wide range of areas including full and reverse factoring, invoice discounting and invoice level funding. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and incorporating in-depth factoring and receivables management expertise, allFAC is highly flexible, thereby ensuring a cost-effective, easy implementation. A robust, field-proven system, allFAC is operable on virtually any platform, enabling clients to fully leverage their investments in existing technology.

Equipped with a brandable Web interface for both internal and external users, the Java J2EE-based system is designed to provide customers with flexible automation of standard business processes through extensive utilization of workflow technologies.