TESS International main focus is in the provision of analysis, design, development, selling and maintenance of banking and financial solutions. TESS International is the exclusive developer of the CORAL™ Suite of economic Solutions. The CORAL™ Suite of economic Solutions is an “all-in-one” financial set-up with both front and back-end process capabilities designed into one comprehensive engine.

We additionally provide consultancy and best practice services to financial establishments on matters regarding technical, operational and project management. These embrace, however not restricted to, problems on back-end integration, security problems, network engineering and on-line strategy.

Our Business Area

TESS International is principally involved in the provision of research, design, development, marketing and maintenance of banking and financial solutions. TESS International is the exclusive developer of the CORAL™ Suite of Financial Solutions. The CORAL™ Suite of Financial Solutions is an “all-in-one” financial system with both front-end and back-end processing capabilities built into a single comprehensive engine.

We also provide turnkey development and consultancy service to financial institutions on matters relating to technical, operational and project management. These include, but not limited to, issues on back-end integration, security issues, network engineering and online strategy.

Our Philosophy

TESS International maintains the motto “By Bankers, For Bankers” on all its products. There’s little question that within the extremely competitive space of financial intercession, the flexibility to remain one step ahead of your competition could be a necessity. The standard of solutions should be relevant and timely.

At TESS International, dedicated client demand is of overriding importance when developing solutions. We believe customers ought to dictate what they require instead of what’s simply on the market. Our systems and operational teams ensure that these solutions are going to be better of category. Additionally we take into consideration the integrity and best fit of our staff in their daily deliveries. There is always a “right person” for the “right job”.

Our Team

TESS International is managed by a multitude of extremely dedicated, impelled and innovative team of individuals who have years of banking expertise. Our foremost team of dedicated banking and systems professionals incessantly develop innovative and artistic monetary solutions for the ever-evolving market.

TESS International’s abundant success are incredibly supported by the standard of its professionals, where several of whom are preponderantly from the financial circle with years of expertise in product implementation and development.

Our Credentials

TESS International has the technology and experiences to deliver, while not compromising the standard and client satisfaction. We tend to treasure our clients who need a dynamic and versatile technology partner, sharing constant goals, visions and outcomes.

We employ trusted and dependable solutions with responsibility onto its merchandise and services, regularly up with skilled sales support, TESS International has the capability to help create success for our clients and also the organizations concerned.

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